Help Transitioning Employees Thrive

We go beyond the short-term career assessment and job-search coaching
helping individuals realign their career goals with their life plan.

Executive Outplacement

The executive outplacement program treats executives as the senior level leaders that they are with coaching that focuses on leveraging their experience, skill, knowledge, and abilities within the context of the current executive job market.

Individual Outplacement

The individual outplacement program guides professionals and managers through effective career transition counseling. We go beyond the short-term career assessment and job search coaching helping individuals identify and maximize their marketable experience, skills, knowledge and abilities based on current market needs.

Group Outplacement

Our group outplacement programs are designed for large teams guaranteeing that the service is accessible to everyone while remaining affordable for the organization. The program is centered class training to provide job-search skills and help individuals realign their career goals.

Focus on the individual as a provider of services

Alder Koten outplacement services are coaching programs that help provide affected employees with tools to be effective and confident in their job search.  We help the individual understand their market position and their market value. We provide tools for long-term career management and teach how to execute a targeted job search.

Outplacement Coaching

Alder Koten Outplacement

General Program Outline


Self Awareness – Me, Inc.

Focus on understanding stakeholders, resources, suppliers, goals, and what the individual (Me, Inc.) has to offer. Identifying strengths and weaknesses based on experience, knowledge, and capability.


Market and Customers for Me, Inc.

Focus on understanding the customers and markets that can buy the services that Me, Inc. can offer based on industry, functional, and product knowledge and experience.


Marketing of Me, Inc

Focus on marketing the services that Me, Inc. has to offer. This includes the preparation of resumes, social media profiles, and direct networking tools.


Sale of Me, Inc. Services

Focus on selling the services that Me, Inc. has to offer – Targeted job search. This includes job search strategies and interview coaching.