Internal Transition

Promote Into Success

We provide coaching and guidance during the critical first 90 days in a new position
where small differences in actions can have a big impact on long-term results

Change Awareness

Alder Koten internal transition coaches work with leaders and managers to consciously identify the differences between their previous and current roles. This includes detailed knowledge of the challenges they will face and what it will take to succeed in meeting them.

Focus on Timelines and Results

Our internal transition coaches help employees build their credibility and quickly create value for the organization. This is achieved through awareness and focus on the actions that produce impactful short-term results that serve as the foundation for long-term success.

Change Management & Integration

The personal changes involved in assuming a new position and new responsibilities are more complex than many organizations are willing to admit. We help both organizations and employees with the intangible aspects of change management & integration through coaching and third-party insight.

ak Quadrant

Going beyond the job description

Our internal transition coaches use our proprietary ak Quadrant model to ensure a thorough understanding of all aspects of job responsibilities and team integration. The approach helps employees visualize the different elements that have an impact on their success in an organization. This includes:

The Technical Quadrant that focuses on technical expertise in product, industry, processes, regions, and functional specialty.

The Transformation Quadrant that focuses on the competencies that drive or support change initiatives within the organization.

The Business Quadrant that focuses on the leadership and management skills that are expected in the role.

The Cultural Quadrant that focuses on the organization’s culture and cultural fit.