Assessment Services

A multi-method approach that provides accurate insights to
benchmark against the needs of today and
plan for the challenges of tomorrow.

Effective Hiring & Transitions

ak Quadrant assessments help provide accurate insight into professional and executive talent that allows organizations to make hiring and transition decisions with confidence and avoid costly mistakes. Our insight provides actionable details about executive strengths, limitations and risks including cultural fit.

Succession Planning & Development

Our leadership consultants use ak Quadrant assessments to assess professional and executive teams. Assessments results provide the insights needed to ensure the right talents are in the right positions today and offer developmental recommendations to make sure future leaders are in place and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our leadership consultants work with organizations using ak Quadrant to assesses professional and executive talent; organizational culture and evaluate the cultural fit of key leadership and teams. We help ensure that the best talent and the most strategically aligned culture are in place while undergoing a merger or acquisition.

Change Management

Our proprietary ak Quadrant tool allows us to understand an organization’s current and desired state in terms of culture, business skills, technical skills, and transformation competencies. The approach helps organizations change and transform for optimal and sustainable results.​

ak Quadrant

Our executive assessments provide organizations with valuable insights on executive profiles.

Alder Koten’s methodology provides a broader scope than traditional executive assessment. Our approach combines self assessment, competency-based interviews and rigorous 360 degree referencing.

Our assessment reveals the strengths and weaknesses of an executive within a specific context as well as the underlying elements that drive their ambitions and performance. It can provide insight on an individual’s suitability for a specific position and also provides valuable information on how that executive could best developed and deployed

Interview and Evidence Based Assessments

Our Six-Step Executive Evaluation Process

Our multi-method approach combines the evaluation of business, technical, and transformation competencies with rigorous referencing and external input. The assessment of the individual’s cultural profile complements the evaluation of competencies.


Biography Interview

Focused on early drivers and personal behaviors. This interview is conducted by a Partner of Alder Koten.


Career Focused Interview

Focused on the timeline and the career transitions. Conducted by an Engagement Manager of Alder Koten


Transformation Competencies Interview

Evidence based and focused on transformation competencies: envision, structure, execution, and sustain. This interview is simultaneously conducted by two partners of Alder Koten.


Cultural Profile Interview

Evidence based and focused on the ten cultural dimensions of the Alder Koten culture model. This interview is simultaneously conducted by two partners of Alder Koten.


360 Degree Input

Alder Koten partners conduct interviews with superiors, peers, and subordinates to evaluate the individual’s interaction, leadership style, communication skills, and situational performance.



Automated self-assessments and written essays performed by the individual that is being assessed complements the interview and evidence-based evaluations conducted by Alder Koten consultants.