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    How Non-Technical C-Level Executives Can Catch Up with the Latest Technologies

    If you're a non-technical C-level executive, how can you catch up with the latest technologies?
  • ¡Trabajemos remoto! Pero primero, lee esto

    Trabajar de manera remota no se trata de ser un “techie” o ser un experto en tecnologías y plataformas. Se trata más de ser efectivo como equipo cuando no estamos en el mismo edificio.  Se trata de lograr una comunicación y coordinación eficiente sin estar enfrente de los demás. Y lo mas importante, se trata acerca de tener claridad de las expectativas y responsabilidades para que cada quién esté en posición de tomar decisiones y juicios de manera independiente.
  • Let’s work remotely! But First, Read This

    Working remotely is not about being tech-savvy or having the right tools. It's about being effective as a team when we are not in the same building. It's about achieving communication and coordination without being in front of each other. Most importantly, it's about the clarity of expectations and accountability so we can make independent decisions and judgments.
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    Emerging Technologies and Executive Search Firm Performance

    The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) will host it 2019 America's Boutique and Independent Executive Search Firm Forum in Chicago this month. 
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    IMD International Search Group strengthens presence in Scandinavia

    IMD International Search Group strengthens presence in Scandinavia with the new membership of Nordic Search Group, from Denmark. IMD International Search Group is delighted to announce the membership of Nordic Search Group following our recent meeting in Budapest, Hungary
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    Hungarian Partner of IMD International Search Group, hosted the autumn business conference

    Telkes Consulting, Hungarian Partner of IMD International Search Group, hosted the autumn business conference of the organization in Budapest on October 3-5, 2019
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    What Shared Leadership is and How It Can Make Your Organization Better

    Due to the increasingly complex business world, many growing organizations introduce shared leadership. The philosophy of shared leadership lies in optimizing human capital to provide the best possible solution to various issues surrounding the organization. To be successful, shared leadership requires several conditions, which must be met.
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    How to Prevent Burnout

    It's a common term often used to express exhaustion or mentally draining. In this article, we'll discuss the terminology from the mental health perspective, its symptoms, the differences between being stressed, being depressed, and being burnt out. Also, we'll touch upon preventing burnout in the workplace.
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    Presence Expanded in the Asia Pacific Region With a New Partner Office in Singapore

    IMD International Search Group develops presence in the Asia Pacific region with a new partner office in Singapore. IMD is delighted to announce the membership of I Search Worldwide following our recent annual general meeting in Paris.